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Supporting physical and brain health for aging adults through accessible, fun, and convenient home-based exercises.



Sound Health

Sound Healthâ„¢ is our latest AI platform that aims to promote regular brain and body exercise for aging adults at risk or diagnosed with neurologic conditions. Our platform offers accessible and rewarding games that help seniors stay independent and engaged, anytime and anywhere. By tracking data through our platform, Sound Healthâ„¢ keeps the care team informed, enabling them to manage risks and improve overall health outcomes.


Helping Friendsâ„¢

The Helping Friendsâ„¢ toolset empowers teachers to enrich student learning, assess participation towards goals, and provide support to children in schools and after-school programs, even in remote settings.


The fact that this company has invested so much in the data analysis and made robust outcome assessment a primary component, makes them far advanced relative to all similar products that have been demonstrated to us

Daw Cuglietto, PsyD

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Planning & Clinical Innovation, St Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

Students appeared motivated..and demonstrated decreased levels of stress as evidenced by calmer bodies, more intentional movements, and decreased crying behaviors.
Charlay Yates

MT-BC, Boston Public Schools

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