Tracking movements for task analysis just got more engaging, empowering and accessible.

Markerless Motion Capture

Point Motion’s philosophy on movement, interaction and expression in a 3D space led to exciting patented technologies. We use Markerless Motion capture technology that translates body movement to auditory feedback to empower, engage and assess.
These technologies have been realized through the collaboration of doctors, scientists, technologists, musicians and designers who have a shared vision of creating a transformational care delivery experience.
We leverage the powers of machine learning and computer vision enhanced models to allow for accessibility through existing camera-enabled devices (tablets, laptops, desktops etc.):
  • No markers, no additional hardware; our technology is accessed from anywhere in the world on-demand.
  • Eliminates the time it takes to get people ready for motion capture while having to place markers or sensors on them.
  • Eliminates biased setup since there is no different marker placement everytime we place and adjust markers like in traditional motion capture systems.
  • Provides auditory feedback in form of verbal cues, musical prompts and rewards